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September 7, 2021, 09:25 pm

Jaxwow Custom 3.3.5 is currently still in development ( so any help with testing will be greatly appreciated ) , here is what we have so far and hope to add more as we hear more suggestions / ideas from the players that join us during this project to create something enjoyable for all wotlk fans.

⦁ i80 with pre-nax raid bis gear (ilvl200)
⦁ Mall
⦁ Teleporter
⦁ Max Professions + Material Vendor ( materials costing gold )
⦁ 2 custom zones with custom events / Quest / Bosses
⦁ Daily Raid Quest
⦁ Raid Attunement Quest to Unlock Next Raid ( progressive PvE raid system )
⦁ Raid buffer / Instance Reset NPC
⦁ Soloable Heroics
⦁ 5man Raids
⦁ Utility Vendor for Raids
⦁ Custom JaxWow tokens for:Vanity Vendor ( Mounts / Tmogs / Misc / Pets / tabards )

⦁ Crossfaction battlegrounds / Raiding

Challenge Mode Bosses ( end game Custom bosses ) *3 made so far*

**Update** 10mans now 2-3manable

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